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Fried Chicken Batters

There are two ways to coat your fried chicken, a dry seasoned flour mix or a wet batter made with flour and a liquid, and of course there are methods that mix both together!

When using a dried flour you should take a dish which is shallow and big enough for 2 or 3 pieces at a time and fill it with the seasoned flour. Dip the Chicken in the flour then into a beaten egg mix and dip again in the flour. You can dip in egg and flour again another time or 2 to increase the coating thickness as well if you like.

For a wet batter mix the flour and liquid together with any seasonings using a hand whisk. Now the less you work the batter the better it will be, lighter and more fluffy. A few lumps will not harm your batter so don't beat it to death. For best results chill your batter before using it if you have time. The amount of liquid you add will determine how thick the batter is and therefore how thick the coating is.

Test your batter for seasoning and flavour by cooking a small sliced vegetable in the mix. Adjust the seasoning etc. depending on the results.

The flour you use can have a bigg difference on the results too. Corn flour is crunchier and thinner than wheat which is thicker and chewier and the amount of gluten in a wheat flour will affect the results as well.

When using liquids remember that they will also affect the results. Water, milk, beer and cider are common. A gassy liquid can produce a lighter result too. And experiment with raising agents like baking powder as they can effect the end appearance and colour.

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